Terms Of Service

Chef Alexis & Service Staff


Your menu, venue, the number of guests, and style of the event will determine how much staff will be needed. Most events will not require any besides Chef Alexis and her assistant. Staff will be determined by the intricacy of your menu and number of guests

Chef Alexis will attend and cook your event. Service staff is billed based on the type of service required, if needed. Chef Alexis attends every event and will be your Personal Chef

Event Porter/Server: Responsible for setting up serving area, buffet area or kitchen space, dishes, etc. They also clean up after guests during events

*Gratuity not included

All events are subject to an additional service charge:

Depending on the event, if excessive cleaning or snow removal is required when Chef Alexis arrives, an additional fee may be billed.

*Additional cleaning or last minute requests during your event may change food service time

Chef Alexis always does what she can to make everything as smooth as possible. :)

If menu items need to be grilled- please be sure BBQ is clean, accessible, and has fuel.

During winter months, please be sure there is a path clear of snow for safety purposes, and easy access to cooking area.

Please be sure to include a parking spot for Chef Alexis

Parking on the street in most neighborhoods is not allowed

*Travel & delivery fees vary depending on the location of your event


Providing additional gratuities to Chef Alexis (and professional staff) is certainly encouraged and graciously received, but is not required. 

Beverage Service

You can add a customized beverage menu for you and your guests for an additional charge

(Chef Alexis cannot provide alcohol)

Chef Alexis can create custom self -service beverage dispensers, and mixology services. They are great additions to any event! Chef Alexis can provide a premium selection of infused waters, tea, coffee, fun garnishes and additional non-alcoholic beverage services. 


Rentals + Decorations


Chef Alexis can help provide anything your event demands such as plates, flatware, glasses, linens, tables, and chairs etc. (Delivery, rental + coordinating charges apply)

She can also coordinate flowers, wedding cakes, photography, entertainment etc.


Deposit + Payment


All events must be booked no later than 48 Hours prior to commencement

A deposit of 50% of the total amount quoted in the proposal is required to confirm the booking of your event.

Deposit refunds on cancellations are processed as follows:


Due to client cancellations, illness, natural disasters or acts of God,

clients may re-book their event for a future date depending on Chef Alexis' availability

Clients will be billed for the final balance the day of their event

Complete payment must be posted at the end of the event with either: cash or credit/debit card

A 7.25% or 8.1% (depending on California or Nevada) state sales tax applies to all events


A credit card surcharge of 3% may apply when applicable

Severe weather conditions or anything health related:

If weather or health conditions in the area are too dangerous, Chef Alexis may have to cancel the event.

If Chef Alexis falls ill due to unforeknown circumstances, the event may also be cancelled, and re-booked 

Deposits/Events cancelled due to COVID are non-refundable

Guest Counts


Food, beverage, and add-on item charges will be based on the guest count. Final guest counts are due no later than 48 hours prior to the event date. If a final guest count is not reported, Chef Alexis will use the number on the proposal provided. Crave Lake Tahoe will make every effort to accommodate any last minute changes in the guest count or menus


Food Amounts & Dietary Requests


Chef Alexis will provide a set amount of food based on the guest count given by the client. Chef Alexis is not responsible for your guests over/under consumption

Please Note: If you are at all worried that some guests may consume more than the average person, we suggest you order more food


Children: Please be advised Chef Alexis is cooking with fire, hot water, knives etc. Please be courteous and keep children out of the kitchen. If you would like to have your children learn to cook please advise Chef Alexis beforehand so she can make timing arrangements. *Additional charges may apply. If children need a special meal, please advise Chef Alexis beforehand due to stove and oven space. She will make as many accommodations as she can to create a smooth event and feed the littles

Additional Meals: Chef Alexis understands different lifestyles concerning food. If you or any of your guests need a separate meal, please be advised she will do her best to accommodate due to timing and space. She will make every effort to make every guest feel welcome and fed. Additional charges will apply due to separate ingredient costs 


Additional Invoices


Chef Alexis is committed to giving you exceptional customer service.

Multiple invoices are time consuming, so she is able to offer one free invoice per client that includes one adjustment as a one-time courtesy. Any adjustments or new invoices thereafter are $20 each


Payment of deposit is binding